Postal Rates Scheduled to Increase January, 2014

On September 25, the Postal Service’s Board of Governors filed requests with the
Postal Regulatory Commission that would yield a 5.9% rate increase. Of that amount,
about 1.6% would be derived from a filing (R2013-10) under Postal Service’s existing
CPI-based rate authority with the remaining 4.3% coming from a second filing
(R2010-4R) under the “exigency” provisions of the 2006 postal reform law. The
agency expects to generate a total of about $2 billion in additional revenue as a result
of these price changes.

2014 Proposed Postage Rates

The CPI case should be reviewed under the applicable PRC process, which essentially
is limited to ensuring the proposed rates comply with the specifications of the CPI cap
regime. Barring any problems, those rates should be approved for implementation
when the USPS has planned, at 12:01am on Sunday, January 26, 2014.
However, the separate “exigent” filing showed rates that reflected the total 5.9%
average increase (including the 1.6% sought under the CPI cap) and the Postal Service
did not identify a separate effective date for their implementation, meaning it hopes
the PRC will review and approve its “exigent” request quickly, allowing for an implementation
of the total rate increase on the planned date.

Source – Association of Marketing Service Providers

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