E-mail Marketing

Broadcast Email can be a fast, cost effective way to reach your target audience. When used in tandem with a more traditional mail appeal, it can be dynamite!

Cost effective

Broadcast Email is the most cost effective way to deliver a customized message to a large group of people. It offers marketers rapid time to market while eliminating the cost of postage, printing and packaging. No more long hours of preparation to send your information – automate your communication process.


Do it all from your desktop. Just send us your document and your list and we will manage the distribution and tracking for you. We can even create an HTML document for you, making it easy to send professional emails every time. And for every email response you get, we can send an automatic reply, created by you.


Start learning how your campaign is doing the moment your email is sent. No need to wait for a couple of weeks to know if it has been a success. Response rates are immediate and results are tracked for you. We will tell you how many emails are opened, how many links are followed, who didn’t receive your email and who wants to unsubscribe from your list.

Make it Work for You

  • Associations – Deliver association updates and newsletters
  • Direct Marketing – Send hundreds or thousands of advertising and promotional campaigns instantly
  • Publishing – Send special “limited time” renewal offers to existing subscribers
  • Travel – Advertise hot deals and last minute sell offs
  • Expos/Trade Shows – Send hundreds or thousands of exhibitor invitations and updates instantly
  • Financial Services – Deliver time sensitive research reports

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