Direct Mail Data Processing

Great creative with an intriguing offer sent to the wrong people will yield no results, yet when it comes to mailings, many marketers spend the least amount of time on the most important aspect of their campaign — the data.

Your House List is Your Number One Source for Revenue

For most companies, the majority of business comes from their existing customers. These customers need to be nurtured and spoken to on a consistent basis so when they are ready to buy, donate or make a referral, you are at the top of the list. At Commercial Letter, we understand that your data is very important. We maintain strict data security procedures to make sure that any information you send to us is handled appropriately. Unlike some other mailers, we do not compile data for resale. There is not a risk that your customer list will leave our building, except on your mailing piece.

Here are My Names and Addresses — Just Get My Mailing Out!

Do you know that postage can represent over 50% of the cost of most mailings? Yet when companies ask for estimates, they just assume postage is a given. Commercial Letter doesn’t take any shortcuts. Every mailing file is processed through our United States Postal Service Certified Software to both improve the quality of the names and addresses and to maximize your postage savings. We are CASS and PAVE certified and have National Change of Address (NCOA) processing available. Not sure what this means? No worries — one of our experts can walk you through the steps. Just know that before we mail anything, you get a chance to see various data quality reports that show you exactly what we are mailing and how much it will cost in postage.

Even More Postage Savings!

One of our main goals in working with your data is to achieve the maximum postage discount we can. We do this by presorting your data to help the Postal Service efficiently process the mail. In addition to our presort processing, we analyze our customers’ mailings to see if we can achieve drop ship discounts. A drop ship is a process where we contract with private carriers to take some or all of your mailing directly to the destination postal facility. By doing this, you get a postage discount that out-weighs the freight cost. We have saved our customers’ $1,000’s by taking advantage of this discount.

Track My Mail Please

When the mail leaves our building, our job isn’t quite done. Commercial Letter can add a tracking service to your mailings that allows you to follow along with the delivery of your mail. Our customers have found this to be a valuable tool to help them staff call centers, plan follow up campaigns, and adjust staff levels to coincide with the mail delivery. The service is easy to setup and costs very little. In addition, we have an online dashboard that is easy to use so you can check on your delivery at your convenience.

Mail Tracking System

So next time you are getting ready to do a mailing, let Commercial Letter help you make good decisions about managing your data so you can achieve the best results while paying the lowest price.



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