Direct Mail Printing and Bindery

Print Perfect

For more than 15 years “experts” have been telling us that we are going to become a paperless world. Everything from books and magazines to marketing and office communications is all going to be electronic they say. Well, electronic formats are growing, but the printed message remains a strong, valuable tool that continues to help companies communicate their message to customers all around the world.

At Commercial Letter, we focus on printing to help with your direct marketing needs. And yes, we have the iron in the form of multiple printing presses to get the job done — everything from 1-color up to 5-color printing, but the real difference is our understanding of direct mail and marketing communications.

Because we deal with 100’s of mailing programs every week, we stay in tune to the latest United State Postal Service rules and regulations about mail piece design. Over the years we have saved our customers $1,000’s by suggesting slight design changes that allowed for lower postage rates.

In addition to being the Postal experts, we know marketing. We see the latest trends in direct mail and may be able to help you enhance your current package to keep it fresh and new to your customers and prospects.

Since the late 80’s, direct marketing has become increasingly complex. First it was postal, then it was database management, then came laser printing. Now you have integrated marketing, online response vehicles and PURL’s. When it comes to printing in this new age, Commercial Letter is ready, willing, and able since we do it all on a daily basis. Plain and simple, we understand both print and data!

This brings us to our true specialty, integrating data with the printed piece. There are many names for this type of process in the direct marketing community — Variable Print on Demand, One-to-One Marketing, Laser Printing, Digital Imaging, Personalized Mailing — regardless of what you want to call it, Commercial Letter is prepared to make it happen.

To keep things easy, we will call it Digital Imaging, but the process is anything but simple. From basic name personalization, to adding in customer specific variables, to choosing different images based on each database record, Commercial Letter is ready to handle all of your digital imaging needs.

And we don’t go about this quietly. We boast the latest digital printing technology that includes 6 high-speed digital printers including a full color digital press. Whether it is a small monthly program or your next run of a million pieces, we have the know-how and the tools to make sure your project is done correctly and on time.

In closing the discussion about printing, please keep in mind one thought as you choose your next printer . . . do they understand your goals, needs, and all aspects of the program to get it done correctly? There are 100’s of printers out there — but few who are experts in printing for direct marketing.


Our bindery department is simply the best in folding, binding, perfing, scoring, bursting, merging, interleafing, collating, stitching, slitting and nesting . . . and all the other “-ing” words. We manage jobs that require extensive handwork as well as high-speed machine gathering. Your completed job will be just as you had envisioned it!

Bindery DepartmentWhen it comes to our bindery services, Commercial Letter thinks ahead. We know that there is an ultimate goal for every printed piece. Will this be an insert in a mailing? Will it need to be part of a booklet? Are there multiple versions to keep separate? Is there personalization that will have to match to other pieces? When dealing with direct mail, there are many variables to consider throughout the production process. Don’t let these details get the best of you. Let Commercial Letter help with your finishing needs.

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