Turning Your Billing Statement into a Marketing Tool

If your company is like most, your statements are generated from an in-house system that has been in place for years. Over time, you may have added some promotion inserts about other products and services you have to offer, but have you ever looked at the statement process as a better way to market your company and save money at the same time?

Commercial Letter can help you combine the impact of the statement with relevant marketing messages specifically targeting your customers. These messages are strategically placed on the statement. Commercial Letter will work with you to develop your own statement solution — one that spells success.


From designing a new look and feel for your transactional documents, to mining your database to profile and target your existing customers, all the way to producing the high-impact statements, let Commercial Letter show you how to turn your ordinary statement into a revenue generator.

The industry has coined the phrase “Transpromo” for this type of transactional marketing piece. The idea is to cross-sell to your customers based on traits you already know about them. The beauty of this type of marketing is the impact it can have to the bottom line. Just look at the stats about statements:

  1. Statements are recognized and opened. 95% of transactional documents are opened and read.
  2. Trusted. People trust the Postal Service to deliver sensitive information.
  3. Attention span. The average statement is viewed for a total of three minutes. Most messages get a mere three to seven seconds to make an impact.
  4. Staying power. An average statement is viewed on three separate occasions and many times kept for future reference.
  5. Clutter buster. The average consumer is exposed to over 1,000 advertising messages per day but is likely to receive fewer than a dozen transactional mailings per month!

If you add a relevant marketing message to a document that people expect, trust and keep around, the statement moves from a necessary expense to a revenue generating opportunity. In addition by adding marketing to the statement, you may be able to reduce the other marketing touches you plan.

Bank Statement


Statement Fulfillment

In addition to helping companies design and develop statement marketing strategies, we have the experience and equipment to complete the job effectively and on time.

Our statement production can be initiated multiple ways. We have customers who prefer to send us document feeds directly out of their transactional systems while others prefer to send us the raw data that we merge into the final statement. We can handle all of the printing, imaging, inserting and mailing at our facility, and can negotiate favorable postage rates on your behalf to save you money.

We house and maintain a secure server environment handling encrypted and safe transactions for our clients. Internally, our systems and processes have built in redundancy to ensure the best quality control on your programs. We work with healthcare, financial and industrial clients and maintain service standards well above the norm in each case.

Statements are a powerful tool — whether they are just used to get paid, or they help initiate the next sale. Too often we see companies neglect the statement side of their business. They stick with the status quo because it is easy and is not broken. Take the next step and break away from the pack to look at what Commercial Letter has to offer. We are ready to help you change the way you view your transactional documents.

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